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Printing Techniques

Ambidex Promotions uses the latest printing, embroidering or engraving methods for gifts. From the printing of promotional items to laser engraving of metal premiums, and from textile embroidered with your logo to the creation of full-color transfers or custom-made items. Really all techniques are possible!

Pad Printing
Thé print method for almost all products. 
The logo is applied by using an elastic silicone stamp on your article.
Due to the elasticity of the stamp (tampon) it is possible on round, convex and hollow articles.
However, using this technique on flat products also gives excellent results.
Printing is possible ranging from one color to full color.
The print size is an average of approximately 60 mm around.

Silk-Screen Printing
This method is only suitable for objects with a flat surface.
A silk-screen window of a fine wire mesh is provided with a light-sensitive layer. After exposure to your film, the positive layer will be washed away. The paint can now be pushed through the sieve, wherein the logo will be on the article. By repeating this process your print will get multiple colors.
Large format printing with this technique is therefore no problem.

Embroidery is a fine adaptation of clothing and other textiles, terry, caps and suitable bags.
The logo will be stitched on textile with a embroidery machine onto the clothes, while the number of colors used plays virtually no role.

Reactive and Foil Printing
This is an operation in two parts.
First, there will be a brass cliche produced for your logo, because we use this cliche to squeeze the logo into the material. If we then use a silver, gold, or color film between the cliche and the article, the logo gets the same color of the foil. All leather and most synthetic leather articles and diaries are ideal for this technique.

Transfer Press
With this technique, often by the use of screen printing, a transfer of the logo will be printed. Afterwards the transfer is heated up and then pressure fixed onto to the article.
Every article that is unsuitable for direct printing, can use this technique for any logo. For example: bags, caps and clothing.

Sublimation Printing
This technique is mainly used for printing sportswear and other highly elastic fabrics, like for example: trunk covers, etc.
The image is printed on special paper and heated, and sublimed into the material.
This is the process wherein the dye penetrates into the fiber.
All-over full-color prints are possible, because the paint is not palpable and biting is so elastic as the fabric itself.

Doming is the application of a layer of transparent epoxy resin on a sticker.
The adhesion of the sticker remains the resin layers are slightly convex and it gives a nice look. 
Several articles can be provided with this doming sticker, but it is important that the surface is almost flat.
By using digital printing almost anything is possible in any color and shape!
Special UV-implementation is possible on for example, cars, doors, etc.

Offset Printing
Thé eminently suitable technique for paper printing, especially in larger numbers. Think about your letterhead, envelopes and brochures.

Digital Printing
The latest technology for the printing of paper, cardboard and flat articles.
It is either put through a spray system or by means of a laser copy (in paper and cardboard items such as gift packaging and labels) logo on the article.
A few advantages are: a short delivery time and the ability to print full color in small numbers and for a nice price.

Laser Engraving
With laser engraving the logo is engraved by means of a laser in an article.
In this method usage of color is not possible, because the substrate and the intensity of the laser to determine what the final color of the logo will look like.
Laser engraving is possible on all metal, wood and glass and the result is invariably beautiful, with a very high wear resistance!

Blind Engraving, Deep Diamond Engraving and Milling
With this process the material is removed slightly deeper, so you can possibly color the engraving. Especially on metal items such as pens this gives, depending on the technique used, a subtle effect, or a durable, colorful opportunity to profile your company.