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Logo Supply

"Could you please send us your logo?" This simple question can be very problematic. JPG, PNG and GIF are commonly heard filetypes when it comes to sending artwork. Very useful if you want to give someone a quick impression, but for the usage of printing, these files are not useable. But why is that?

A logo is stored digitally in arithmetic units, which form a consistent pattern to each other. Consider the pattern for a jacket, made for a child. If a tailor has put it together, then you can adjust it on details, but to reshape a kids size to an adult size is virtually impossible. The pattern must be converted first before a new measure, which is cut out of the fabric for the right person. JPG and GIF files allow badly convert.

Fortunately, there are alternatives.
Namely: files that are compiled and based on vectors, making a logo easy to customize. Consider an Adobe Illustrator EPS file, Adobe Illustrator AI file, or a high quality vectorized Adobe Reader PDF file where almost any printer or designer and almost every advertising agency works with. The resizing of these files should be no problem and the color information is also fully preserved.

For the correct delivery of a logo, it is generally recommended that you consult your designer. He or she is in possession of the correct digital material to provide the logo. It is certain that only one result is acceptable: the brilliant display of your logo.

If you want you can only print a set-text by supplying the text in a current type, specifying font and colors to print. This could be in a Microsoft Word document.

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